Héctor Frank 

Havana, 1961

Despite international acclaim as one Cuba’s foremost living artists, Havana born Hector Frank never received a professional artistic education yet specialized in electronics. Now, in his artistic practice, Hector Frank employs a similar process to reveal a nation’s shared feelings, shared visions, shared dreams with a minimalist sophistication. Hector Frank employs in these works an understanding and appreciation of material quality and the potential for reuse that exists little outside of a place like Cuba, an understanding that has allowed him to create this aesthetically complex, multi-faceted new form of portraiture that poetically captures the essence of his people.

Currently, living and working in Havana Cuba, Hector Frank has a professional following and defined respect within the creative art community in Havana. Internationally recognized, Hector Frank has collectors throughout the world and continues to grow demand after a series of sold out exhibitions in New York & San Francisco. Hector Frank has been recognized in Steadfast Magazine, Architectural Digest, Forbes Magazine, Departures Magazine, and the New York Times.

Hector Frank has exhibited throughout Cuba and internationally in New York, Nashville, New Orleans, Paris, Mexico City, Malaysia, and London. Most recently, Hector Frank sold out his last exhibition in New York (2016) followed by a solo exhibition at Scope Art Fair during Basel Miami.

Héctor Frank ArteMorfosis (Download)




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